Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching Up!!!

This photo was taken less than 2 weeks before Eoin's arrival. We were READY!!

The Newest Shaver
Just Born!
3 Days Old1 month
Ivan Eoin Esmund Shaver was born June 23, 2008. He weighed 7lbs. 15oz. and was 20in. long. We were soooooo happy to finally have Eoin here! Eoin is the Irish spelling of Owen. We named him after Joshua's Poppy Ivan Wilson, and my Great-Grandfather Virgil Owens (he was Irish, hence the Irish spelling). Esmund means protected by grace. We chose this name after Joshua's car accident on Good Friday.

The Car
He was driving my parent's little car up to meet us at their house in Michigan for Easter weekend. My parent's picked up the kids and I in Lima, OH the Sunday before. They drove our van up and left their car for Josh to drive back up on Friday. There was a random snow storm that day. Josh was 5 miles into Michigan when he hit a patch of black ice. He lost control and spun around into a tow truck parked on the side of the highway facing on-coming traffic. His head hit the driver's side window. He was taken to The Toledo Hospital, and was in and out of consciousness for over 2 hours. He was relesed that same night, but we were unable to go and pick him up because of road conditions. The section of highway that he wrecked on was shut down only 10 min. after his accident. There were over 27 accidents in that same stretch of highway over the course of 1 hour. Joshua walked out of the hospital with me on Saturday afternoon. My Grandpa, my little brother Connor, and I were finally able to get through to pick him up around noon. Josh had scratches on his scalp, very bruised ribs, and bad whiplash. We continue to PRAISE THE LORD for his protection!!!
Mommy Meets Eoin!!After over a month of bedrest and being in and out of the hospital the Dr. finally delivered Eoin at 11:18pm. by c-section. I was scheduled for my 3rd c-section June 26th. The Dr. decided it would be best to take him early, since I was hospitalized for severe pain from my "gallbladder". Since then I have had numerous tests and procedures, and they have determined that the "attacks" I have been dealing with since May 2005 are not from my gallbladder. We still do not know the cause of the pain. However we certainly did not mind Eoin coming 3 days earlier than we planned =) .

We LOVE our baby brother!!!
Meeting Eoin
Holding Our Brother =)Ethan and Elysia were and still are THRILLED with their baby brother. They LOVE him, and enjoy watching him reach every new milestone, no matter how small.

1 month oldLife is exhausting!1st Laugh Outloud =)Elysia was ecstatic the first time Eoin accidently touched her face, while she was staring only inches from his =).

I Love Eoin's Fat Cheeks!Oh, Yeah? Take that, Elysia!!
1st Rice Cereal

Rolled Over for the 1st time in my crib, while no one was watching!! Sneaky =)1st Veggie Hmm...I'm not sure about Green Beans?

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do so like Green Beans!!!
I'm a Big Boy in my Bumbo Seat!
Now the kids love that Eoin is able to sit up in his Bumbo seat and "play" with them. Mostly Eoin loves to watch the chaos ;) . Elysia is determined that Eoin needs to walk. "C'mon O'n-O'n (she calls him Eoin-Eoin, but it comes out more like this), like dis. Watch a'me!!", she squeals as she repeatedly "shows" him how to walk and sometimes even crawl. I am always amazed Eoin is able to do anything as he has SOOOO much "help" =) .

"Dross!!! I hate babysood Dreen Beans ={ "

Elysia insisted on tasting Eoin's 1st green beans. I think she may be cured of wanting to taste Eoin's food ever again. At least until he is eating table food =) .