Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Best Friends!

Ethan and Elysia love to sit in their red chairs. (Elysia thinks she is big stuff!)
They love each other too!
Ethan often tells Elysia and others that Elysia is his best friend. We are very thankful for our 2 wonderful children. They are daily a blessing to us. We pray they will continue to be best friends as the Lord is sending us far from family and friends to a new home. We look forward to watching them grow. We also look forward to seeing them make new friends in Uruguay.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pando, Uruguay

This is a picture of Josh with a Ovideo, a pastor we met at teen Camp. He told Josh the next day that he was his new friend. He spoke a good bit of English. Josh played soccer with him and the teen boys at game time. He loved it!
This is part of the 50 teens and children at Sunday School the first week.
The teen girls begged me to come and play the piano for them to sing their camp choruses. Before long all the kids and Hector one of the teen boys were singing too. I loved every minute of it!
Joshua and I went on our missions survey trip to Pando, Uruguay from July 8-23. We stayed with Don and Pat Garwood a missionary couple from our church here in Zanesville. Don is 71 years old, yet he wore us out more with his running than do our two small children. We were able to visit several families from Iglesia Biblica Maranatha. The church consists mostly of children and teens. There are a handful of ladies who attend, but only one man. Josh was able to speak 4 times in the services there. I was able to speak 3 times. We both had to use translators of course. This was a first time experience for us both. We are definitely looking forward to being able to speak in Spanish for the lessons without an interpreter. The second week we were there a 14 girl from the church, Evelyn, was hit and killed by a bus right in front of the church. She was running to catch the bus to go to school, and failed to look the other way before running out. It was a very difficult time. She was saved as are her mother, Rosana, and little brother, Facundo. Her step-father, George, is not. He has raised her since she was a toddler and took her death very hard. He did request Don to have a funeral service. This is very uncommon in Uruguay as burials take place the same day or the day after a death. They do not embalm. He wanted there to be scripture and hymns. This was a huge testimony to the over 300 people who came to the graveside for the funeral. Please continue to pray for Evelyn's family, and that her testimony would continue to bring many souls to the Lord.

We absolutely loved it there. We are planning to begin deputation ASAP. We just received a brand new laptop computer from our home to church. This is a huge blessing as we were going to have to wait to begin deputation until we could afford one. Please pray for us as we begin to prepare our power point presentation, and deputation in general.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Grandpa's Farm

We travelled to Michigan to see Rebekah's family over Memorial Day. Ethan was very excited to see family and the animals. All the way up there (5 hours) Ethan begged to listen to his "Farmer" CD. This is full of songs about farm animals. The first song is called "Down On Grandpa's Farm". We had to play this one over, and over, and over. . . (you get the point). Ethan and Elysia LOVED the animals. There was a new litter of kittens that Ethan begged to see about 100 times a day. Thankfully Rebekah's sister Katie loved to take Ethan out to see them. Elysia was amazed by the dogs. Every time she woke up, whether from a nap or nighttime, the first thing out of her mouth was "Daw-Daw-Daw" meaning take me to see the dog or I will scream =) She knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it, which is NOW of course. The dogs were not so enthusiastic about Elysia. Who can blame them? I would not want to be attacked by a squealing wild child, who liked to chew my tail! It is always nice to see family and farm. We wish that we lived closer. We miss our family very much, and I never realized how much I loved the farm until I moved away.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"I'm Your Father!"

Elysia was on the floor finishing her bottle. Ethan ran over to hug her and to say, "I love you, Esia!" Then he proudly announced, "I'm your Father!" Josh and I started laughing soooo hard. Only to hear Ethan say as he rolled over next to Elysia, "Esia, you're my brother =)". We went on to explain Josh was both Ethan and Elysia's Father, but that Ethan was the brother and Elysia the sister. Ethan told us next that he "needs a brother, because I LOVE a brother!" I said, "Well, son, you do not have much control over that!"

Today Ethan was with Mimi (Josh's Mom). Mimi bought him a little green pair of gardening gloves. He wanted his own pair Monday, but had to borrow Mimi's instead. When she gave him the gloves he told her excitedly, "I prayed for these, Mimi!!!" None of us heard him utter such a prayer, however, Josh reported that he overheard Ethan talking as Ethan fell asleep last night. I fear for the prayer for a brother. I am NOT ready for that yet

The Queen

Elysia always needs to observe all that anyone is doing at all times. She will squeal at Ethan if she thinks he is doing something wrong, or if she just wants his attention. She has been saying DaDa for quite a while to Josh. Saturday evening when Anna came over Elysia heard Anna's voice. She promptley said, "Auna Auna" with a huge smile. I tried in vain to get her to say Mama all day Sunday and Monday, but I have given up for now. She would only say "Dada", and Auna" and then giggle. As with everything else Elysia only does things in HER time. Oh, well, I guess she is yet another instrument to teach me patience =).

Monday, May 7, 2007

Ethan's "New" Bike

We wanted to get a "real big boy bike" for Ethan this Summer. A few weeks ago the neighbor had a yard sale. I was able to buy Ethan a 2-wheeler with training wheels for $3. Praise the Lord! This is all we could afford at the time, and it was just what we wanted. Ethan was/is thrilled with his "new" bike. This picture is of Daddy's first time helping him ride it. They had a blast. I am ever thankful for God's provision in the little things, and for my precious family!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Here they are the Dynamic Duo! Ethan and Elysia are soooo full of energy. We have loads of fun trying to keep up with there latest antics. This picture was taken before Sunday School a few weeks ago. Ethan kept jumping up off the couch. "I'm ready go to church, Daddy! Go out the door. Drive the car." We finally managed to get a good shot.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hello Out There!!

Wow! I am so excited that I finally found the time and the nerve to create a blog. I should apologize now for my lack of knowledge and ability when it comes to technology in general. I hope that you will at least be able to see some photos of my family, and get on update on how we are doing.