Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"I'm Your Father!"

Elysia was on the floor finishing her bottle. Ethan ran over to hug her and to say, "I love you, Esia!" Then he proudly announced, "I'm your Father!" Josh and I started laughing soooo hard. Only to hear Ethan say as he rolled over next to Elysia, "Esia, you're my brother =)". We went on to explain Josh was both Ethan and Elysia's Father, but that Ethan was the brother and Elysia the sister. Ethan told us next that he "needs a brother, because I LOVE a brother!" I said, "Well, son, you do not have much control over that!"

Today Ethan was with Mimi (Josh's Mom). Mimi bought him a little green pair of gardening gloves. He wanted his own pair Monday, but had to borrow Mimi's instead. When she gave him the gloves he told her excitedly, "I prayed for these, Mimi!!!" None of us heard him utter such a prayer, however, Josh reported that he overheard Ethan talking as Ethan fell asleep last night. I fear for the prayer for a brother. I am NOT ready for that yet

The Queen

Elysia always needs to observe all that anyone is doing at all times. She will squeal at Ethan if she thinks he is doing something wrong, or if she just wants his attention. She has been saying DaDa for quite a while to Josh. Saturday evening when Anna came over Elysia heard Anna's voice. She promptley said, "Auna Auna" with a huge smile. I tried in vain to get her to say Mama all day Sunday and Monday, but I have given up for now. She would only say "Dada", and Auna" and then giggle. As with everything else Elysia only does things in HER time. Oh, well, I guess she is yet another instrument to teach me patience =).

Monday, May 7, 2007

Ethan's "New" Bike

We wanted to get a "real big boy bike" for Ethan this Summer. A few weeks ago the neighbor had a yard sale. I was able to buy Ethan a 2-wheeler with training wheels for $3. Praise the Lord! This is all we could afford at the time, and it was just what we wanted. Ethan was/is thrilled with his "new" bike. This picture is of Daddy's first time helping him ride it. They had a blast. I am ever thankful for God's provision in the little things, and for my precious family!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Here they are the Dynamic Duo! Ethan and Elysia are soooo full of energy. We have loads of fun trying to keep up with there latest antics. This picture was taken before Sunday School a few weeks ago. Ethan kept jumping up off the couch. "I'm ready go to church, Daddy! Go out the door. Drive the car." We finally managed to get a good shot.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hello Out There!!

Wow! I am so excited that I finally found the time and the nerve to create a blog. I should apologize now for my lack of knowledge and ability when it comes to technology in general. I hope that you will at least be able to see some photos of my family, and get on update on how we are doing.