Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Cinnamon Rolls!!

We LOVE Baking!!!

Eoin likes to bang his measuring cup!!!

Mommy decided to be brave and make her first attempt at homemade cinnamon rolls on Friday. I never work with yeast because it makes me soooo nervous. My Mother-in-Law makes the best cinnamon rolls in the world, so I never even wanted to try because I knew mine would pale in comparison. The kids ask every day what we are going to do that is FUN. I decided that we would do this for fun and if the rolls were yucky that was O.K. Other than forgetting to put in the butter and egg they tasted okay, just were a little tough =). I made WAYYYY too much icing. I just started following the recipe never even processing that 9 cups of powdered sugar was a whole bag =} I said, "Oh, well, we will just have to make more rolls."

We made another batch on Monday using my new hand mixer with dough hooks, and remembering the butter and egg. They were much better =). I don't know if I will ever make them as well as the Master Baker next door, but we will have fun trying!

We still have half the icing left after 2 batches, and sharing the icing with Mimi (this is what the kids call my Mother-in-Law) for the cinnamon rolls she made. Maybe we will make some sugar cookie cut-outs and dye the icing fun colors?! Guess we will just have to wait and see what the week brings.

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