Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Evrett is MOBILE!!!!

On July 10 (only 1 day after turning 10 months old) Evrett decided to join the ranks of the "on-the -go" in our house. He is at this point stuck in reverse when it comes to "scooting" on his belly. He can while sitting up spin in a circle, and lean forward, then sit up straight, and then repeat the whole process over and over until he is halfway across the room ( or able to reach WHATEVER it was that caught his attention in the first place!). It is soooooo funny to watch him! :~) He is very intense about the whole process, and doesn't stop until he gets STUCK. That is what most often happens when is goes backwards on his belly. I think that is why he prefers the "sit, lean, spin, reach" method best.

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