Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome Home Evrett!

The children were SOOOOOO excited to FINALLY get to meet Evrett. 13 days was a long wait to be together as a family.

Ethan & Eoin wore their matching Eagle shirts to welcome home baby "Eagle" , which they called Evrett the whole time I was pregnant. Ethan came up with that nickname when we found out we were having another boy. Ethan said, "What are we going to call our new brother?" We told him that we didn't know yet, but that it would be an "E" name. He responded with, "I know a great name that starts with an "E"! Eagle!!! And it is a really cool bird, too!" :~) And the nickname stuck with Evrett until a few weeks after we brought him home from the hospital. Now days they mostly call him "Ev".

Mimi was excited to get to hold Evrett for the first time, at last! :~)

Grandpa was happy too, but his turn had to wait because Evrett pooped out of his outfit. :~) Grandpa didn't mind waiting a few more minutes, especially if it meant a CLEAN baby!

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