Monday, July 12, 2010

Giving Evrett His Red Bull

The children always pick out a gift to get for the new baby. This time Ethan picked a Red Bull. Elysia & Eoin liked it too, so that is what they got for baby "Eagle". The plan was for the boys to wear their matching Eagle shirts to the hospital to meet Evrett & then all 3 of the kids would give the baby his bull. However, things don't always go according to plan, so they got dressed in their shirts and gave him the bull after we had been home a few days.

Evrett was "thrilled" with the red bull, as you can see! :~) He really does enjoy it now that he is older. According to Evrett "Red Bull" tastes really yummy! ;~)-
Here is Evrett wearing his OSU hat gift from the NICU. This picture cracked us up because it looked like he was saying, "Peace out, bro." Or, maybe, "Wazzz Up!" Also amusing, that the hat BARELY fits him!!

Here the kids are excited because we told them that we got them some surprises from the hospital while we were gone.

We bought them a Buckeye's Stadium puzzle from the gift shop, and brought them each a scrubber sponge from the NICU wash-up station. Ethan was informing us in this photo that Mimi had already brought home and given them each a scrubber from the hospital. We told him that was OKAY because you can NEVER be TOO CLEAN! (Wrong thing to tell Ethan! Over the course of the next few day we had to BAN him from using the scrubber because he was making a HUGE ordeal out of EVERY hand washing!)

We bought every a little pair of "kick-proof" booties at the gift shop. They really did work, too! At least for the few months he fit in them. :~)

This outfit was from Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma Calhoun & Aunt Dawn. I LOVE it! It says "Mommy's Little All-Star" on it. It was also special because it was his ONLY newborn sized outfit. He only fit in it for about 1 month, but I enjoyed every wearing of it! :~)

"Is that food?!"

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